Point-of-sale displays for fashion, shoes & clothing retailers

Fashion moves fast, with different seasonal requirements, so having a merchandising display system that is modular and flexibly designed will allow you to ensure that your retail space is always maximised and working hard for you.

At Peerless-Assigns we have a great range of industry-leading merchandising display systems, from integrated slotted uprights with rails and arms, to floor standing units that allow you the flexibility to adjust to the fashions and trends as the seasons march on. And don’t forget your marketing at the point of purchase, for which our graphic display systems offer the perfect solution.

Or check out our revolutionary Fabric Wall system, combining the impact and flexibility of our fabric lightboxes with the modularity of our standard merchandising systems.

Whatever your requirements, you can be assured that Peerless-Assigns will be able to help you get your hands on the ideal product.

Uprights & Channels

A selection of slotted post profiles and horizontal channels for use in a range of applications, manufactured in the UK to ensure Peerless quality.

Available in a variety of finishes, all of our upright posts have the same Peerless slot pitch to ensure consistency throughout.

Ceiling Lightboxes

Fabric Lightboxes


Shelf Brackets


Pavement Signs

Fabric Wall Systems


Trirails & Rotors

Poster Frames

Inspiration for your fashion, shoes and clothing shop

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