With new marketing ideas arising all the time, it can be easy to focus on these and forget about the more traditional methods. However, often the simplest ideas are the most effective.

While new ideas add interest to your marketing displays, the more conventional techniques are likely to make up the bulk of your advertising strategies. Posters are a simple method of advertising, but when you display them in poster frames, they can become highly effective and act as a staple in your marketing toolset.

A versatile advertising tool

The poster frames on offer at Assigns come in a vast range of sizes, meaning that finding one that fits the space needed is easy. There is also a large choice of colours and materials, so whether the image of your business is traditional, funky or futuristic, you can find a poster frame that will enhance that image.
Poster frames are one of the most versatile forms of advertising, and you can place them anywhere in your store. Use them in windows to entice customers to come inside from the street, and around the store to draw attention to new products or special offers. When placed near the counter, they can promote point of sale products, persuading customers to make some last-minute additions to their baskets. You can easily affix the frames to walls and windows, or you can use a free-standing version around the store as needed.

Easy to update and maintain

Creating an appealing marketing display is often the easy part, but maintaining it can be a lot harder. Tired and scruffy marketing displays will do nothing to promote products and can even have a detrimental effect on your sales. Fortunately, poster frames are one of the simplest marketing tools to preserve. Sturdily made with scratch-resistant properties and easy to clean, they continue to look smart long after the first time you exhibit them.

Updating your marketing displays is also simple and highly cost-effective when you use poster frames. As you promote new stock, offers and information, simply insert a new poster into the frame, giving your marketing display a whole new look without needing a vast advertising budget.

Unfortunately, not everyone will treat your marketing displays with the care that you would prefer. Damage to displays can prove costly and time-consuming to put right. However, our Tamper Resistant poster frames offer a secure form of advertising that is resistant to careless or wilful damage. The casing is difficult to open without the required tool, so the posters stay well protected by their robust frames.

Poster frames offer a smart, versatile and secure form of advertising without taking up a huge chunk of your budget. As a staple part of your marketing toolset, they can boost effective marketing for a considerable length of time, enhancing the image of your store and increasing the sales of the products that they are promoting.