One of the best ways to truly grab people’s attention is with light, so as a retailer, you may want to consider using LED lightboxes to ensure that your messages stand out from the crowd.

Incorporating lightboxes into a point-of-sale system will give it an instant appeal that draws all eyes. When used properly, LED lightboxes can become an effective part of an advertising strategy and help retail display systems get attention from consumers.

These lightboxes can attach to walls or hang from ceilings, making them a form of advertising that does3not need to take up valuable floor space. This is a major advantage for small premises. Their bold colours are highly eye-catching, which increases the chances of customers not only noticing but also reading their messages. People’s eyes might easily pass over a poster or leaflet, but a lightbox brings an exciting dynamic to a stores décor and overall look.

LED lightboxes such as the ones that Assigns offers come in a wide variety of models, ensuring that options are available for all circumstances. When placed inside your premises, they will promote your message to your customers and increase the appeal of your store interior. They are also useful for promoting your message outdoors. You can place one in a window display or directly outside of your store so that the lighted message can catch the attention of passers-by and encourage them to take a closer look at what you have to offer. Assigns also offers the option of a free-standing lightbox, which allows you to display a message on both sides, increasing the number of people whom you can attract.

Unlike conventional posters, which lose their effectiveness after dark when they become harder to see, LED lightboxes truly come into their own at night. On a dark street, a well-lit display looks more dramatic than ever, catching the eyes of those walking or driving past. After your store closes for the day, the lightbox can keep promoting your message and advertising your products or services.

While some signs are permanent, including those that indicate a changing room or cashier station, you may need to change others regularly. If you are promoting an event, sale or new range, then keeping your message up to date is key to its success. An LED lightbox is a sound investment in this regard, as it allows you to display or adjust your signage at the most opportune moment. By changing your message in accordance with your store happenings, you can ensure that your retail systems always look fresh and interesting, even to those who have been on the premises many times.

Our lightboxes look both smart and professional, enhancing the image of your entire business. Choose one that fits in well with your preferences so that it can become an integral part of your brand. In addition to the many options already available, you can also consider a bespoke LED lightbox that promotes your message in a way that completely fits the style of your premises.