Think of a bare wall in your retail store as a blank canvas. While some might be inclined to step back in wonder at a blank expanse titled “Untitled” hanging in the Tate Modern, in retail we’re a little less esoteric and a little more pragmatic. We’re more inclined to think: “How can we put this space to commercial use?” than, say: “This space represents the vastness of the cosmos”.


At Peerless, we think we’ve come up with an innovative answer to that first question – one that’s as practical as it is stylish and positively dripping with that elusive “wow” factor: our incredibly versatile, customisable and yet unashamedly functional Fabric Wall system. As retail displays go, we believe these count as “next generation”.

So, why choose this specific retail display system? We don’t want to be prescriptive. You’re free to choose whatever retail display you think serves your purposes the best. However, we do want to help you make an informed decision. If you want something that’s significantly less expensive and far less physically heavy than conventional merchandising systems, or if you want to bring a sense of genuine verve to attract customer attention to your merchandise, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with our modular slotted upright system.

You can use our Fabric Wall system to make your store look like you’ve hired a top designer. We use a range of highly attractive and eye-catching printed fabric graphics, allowing you to give your store what will look like a radical makeover in a few easy (and very affordable) steps.

Our Fabric Wall system comes in modular kits with standard widths of either 600mm or 1200mm. Each of these modules has an impressive fixed nominal height of 2235mm. There are four straightforward kits in all, depending on your requirements: stand-alone, starter, extension and finisher. All of them are simple to assemble.

You won’t need advanced training in mechanical engineering to assemble and install them. All modules come with pre-mitred corners and they’re all held firmly and reliably together with our fast-to-fit L-brackets.

Once you’ve put them together, simply mount them on your wall surface (or surfaces if you are upgrading several of your walls). Remember to use only the requisite fixings for your application. Walls vary widely in composition, and since only you know what kind you have, we leave the choice of fixings to you.

Your next step is to fit the fabric graphics and admire your work.

Whether you’re setting up a pop-up store or you need to change the appearance of your store quickly with minimum fuss to reflect seasonal changes, this is the ideal solution.

With our Fabric Wall system swiftly and easily installed around the perimeter of your retail space, all that’s left to do is add the fabric graphics, accessorise with our range of merchandising equipment, adorn them with your products, and stand back while customers flow in like bees to nectar.