Fabric Wall System

Our Fabric Wall system allows you to create vibrant instore environments using stretched fabric graphics.

This means the usual constraints of materials, cost and practicality can be put aside, with the focus now on creativity, impact and branding. Each fabric graphic can be changed individually in minutes, allowing you to be reactive to changing seasons and aid product categorisation.

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How The Fabric Wall System Works

The system is supplied in kit form. Installation is simple, with pre-mitred corners and our L-brackets holding things together. This makes Fabric Wall ideal for pop-up stores or for retailers who are sensitive to changing fashions or seasons.

Maxiumum Impact!

The store pictured above and the one pictured below are exactly the same store. They are displaying the same products, merchandised on the same fittings and fixtures. The only differences are the fabric graphics that are fitted and the vinyl decoration on the far wall. Minimum effort, maximum impact!

Illuminated Option

The system can also be illuminated with the addition of our special LED back panel insert to create striking displays. This is especially effective when used for promotional panels or hero panels, highlighting special offers, impulse purchases, lifestyle images or high margin consumer goods.


The Fabric Wall profiles fit together using corner L-brackets to form a square frame. The upright extrusion is slotted to the Peerless-Assigns slot pitch and will accept any of our extensive range of merchandising accessories.

The Frame

Available in standard 600mm & 1200mm module widths, with a fixed 2235mm nominal height, simply install the kits around the perimeter of your retail space.

The Fabrics

Choose your own artwork, marketing images or textures, we print these onto fabric graphics, which are then fitted into the inner channel of the frame for instant effect.

The Fittings

Then simply accessorise with merchandising equipment from our standard accessories range, and you are ready to impress.

See Data Sheets F.01 - F.03