One of the things that most of us above a certain age recall about the retail stores of our youth was their dreariness. We walked in, headed pretty directly over to whatever it was we needed to buy, paid the money and left, usually quite relieved to be out in the daylight again.


Today, by contrast, retailers have the means to make us want to linger, to stay and explore what’s on offer. And one of the chief reasons for this is retail displays. Or rather, technological advances in retail display systems – like lightboxes, for example. Here’s the low down on how to use them to great commercial effect in your store.



Market researchers have repeatedly found that illuminated advertising acts like a footfall magnet, drawing customers eyes far more effectively than non-illuminated alternatives. Just a few examples:


  • Fortis Bank wanted to promote a new financial product and they ran a little experiment on what worked best. In some of their branch windows, they placed double-sided lightboxes to advertise the product. In others, they placed non-illuminated poster displays. Which of these two retail displays worked best? You’re probably already there: illuminated retail display systems yielded 30% more sales than the non-illuminated equivalents, even though both used the exact same graphic designs.
  • Boots managed to slash the time customers spent at their digital photo counters by between three and four visits, just by using lightboxes with customisable messaging capabilities in place of their conventional non-illuminated signage displays.
  •  When Bacardi discovered through their own market research that most people attending nightclubs had no real idea of what drink they were going to buy when approaching the bar, they tried an innovation. When they placed their own promotions in lightboxes around said bars, sales of any of their promoted drinks soared by 100%.


These illuminated retail display systems work. Seriously. Whether you want to highlight your point of sale displays, your corporate signage for your premises, your outdoor advertising efforts, your latest promotions, or your presence at trade shows or exhibitions, they simply can’t be ignored. The double-sided options are especially good value for money: you get to advertise – very strikingly – to passers-by on the outside, while magnetising the attention of those who’ve been unable to resist stepping inside.

If you’ve got otherwise dead wallspace, resist the temptation to clutter it with merchandise. A large fabric lightbox advertising your more prestigious products or your latest promotions will seize attention and interest. At Peerless, our fabric lightboxes, single and double-sided, offer superb light dispersal to command customer attention. Many of our lightboxes in the medium to standard size ranges deliver great illumination effects with highly cost-efficient LED backlighting. Our larger lightboxes are illuminated with LED side lighting inside the perimeter of the frame, hugely cutting the costs of a very large retail display system.

Whatever illuminated retail display you opt for in the end, on one thing you can be absolutely confident: lightboxes command vastly more attention from your prospective customers than non-illuminated alternatives. The research strongly suggests that they significantly drive up sales. And that makes them not a frivolous gimmick, but a prudent business investment for the commercially savvy.