Uprights & Channels

A selection of slotted post profiles and horizontal channels for use in a range of applications, manufactured in the UK to ensure Peerless-Assigns quality.

Available in a variety of finishes, all of our upright posts have the same Peerless-Assigns slot pitch to ensure consistency throughout.

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Integrated Uprights

Our Integrated Uprights are designed to maximise flexibility whilst minimising the visual impact of your merchandising system in your retail space.

Generally fixed directly to the wall or stud work around the store’s perimeter, these kinds of uprights can then be dressed with decorative infill panels, such as laminated or painted MDF panelling, for an understated, sleek appearance. Coupled with our extensive range of shelf brackets, rails and forward arms, our Integrated Uprights are perfect for all applications.

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Surface Uprights

This range of square, rectangular or elliptical posts can be used in a wide variety of applications such as fixed from floor to ceiling, mounted against a wall or even utilised in a stand-alone island system.

These uprights are perfect for retail environments where wall surfaces are already in good decorative condition, where these systems can become an attractive and robust feature in your store interior. All of our posts will accept a wide variety of Peerless-Assigns brackets, rails and accessories for maximum versatility.

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Hanging Uprights

The FREELINE system is designed to offer complete flexibility, through a combination of both horizontal and vertical adjustability.

Our surface-mounted horizontal cross rails can be used in either a single or double tier layout, with optional decorative claddings. Adjustable vertical components are suspended from the cross rails and can be combined with our custom manufactured accessories panels to suit all of your display requirements.

FREELINE can also support interchangeable display panels which can be pre-fitted with integral Peerless-Assigns ferrules ready to receive adjustable accessories.

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