Effective retail display systems will enhance the appearance of any store.

Whether they include stands, rails, shelving or display tables, these displays bring a professional, efficient appearance that improves the customers’ experience. While it is easy to view different retail displays, people often ignore the fixtures and fittings that hold everything together. However, good-quality fittings such as Peerless’ uprights and channels are essential for a well-designed store. Their design is discrete, but the part that they play is vital.

A major advantage of using uprights and channels in store design is their flexibility – they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a retail system for a small boutique or a large superstore, you can use uprights and channels to help create your ideal scheme.

Peerless has an extensive range of uprights and channels for retail store design. Standard or heavy-duty surfaces and recessed applications can benefit from the use of applied uprights with suitable infill panels fitted to meet the design requirements. Rectangular uprights can suit both mid-floor and perimeter applications. You can easily incorporate required accessories such as rails and brackets into this type of design.

When choosing your uprights and channels, you can also make use of square or elliptical posts. Both perimeter and island locations will benefit from square posts, whether they are sell-supporting or other types of structures. Elliptical posts are best for elevated applications. Regardless of the type of post that you use, they will support the accessories required to customise your store design.

A FREELINE system is a highly flexible system that you can combine with FREELINE floor units for a comprehensive retail display. Featuring both vertical and horizontal adjustability, this system will fit easily into the required space and can work with a variety of fittings, including extra shelves, mirrors and custom applications.

Good retail display systems should enhance the appearance of your store, so choosing a well-designed display is essential. A modular system using uprights and channels is easy to customise with its endless possibilities of layouts and accessories, and you may also wish to customise it further by choosing different finishes to fit in with the image of your store.

A new retail store design is a significant investment that you will want to get exactly right. However, as both short- and long-term changes continually occur in the retail industry, getting a design that fits well for all occasions is a challenge. Whether you are considering something as small as a new product or range or as large as a growing business space, your needs will likely change.

Using uprights and channels to create a flexible system will give you a key advantage. It is easy to adjust this type of system to different products, and if it needs extending or changing, then you can purchase additional parts at a fraction of the cost of a whole new display. Though few people will notice the uprights and channels in your retail display, they are certainly an important factor.