Floor & Wall Display Units

Our Floor Standing and Wall Mounted merchandising display systems are the perfect versatile option for any retailer looking for a simple stand-alone solution that doesn’t require specialist installation.

Our collection includes an array of products, grouped together into four main ranges based on their intended application.

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Omni Perimeter

Our OMNI Perimeter units are designed to be floor standing but fix back to the wall for stability. Mix and match shelves, rails and arms to suit your requirements. Available in two heights.

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Omni Wall

The OMNI Wall is available in two sizes and can be merchandised directly from the framework or by adding accessories from the OMNI range, such as glass or timber shelves and forward arms.

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Omni Floor

Available in two sizes, our OMNI Floor units provide the perfect solution for fashion, accessory and giftware products.

Cleverly engineered to allow merchandise to be displayed in a variety of ways, from direct hanging from the slim steel frame to the addition of optional glass or timber shelves, the OMNI Floor units are one of our most popular merchandising solutions.

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Our contemporary VERSO merchandising system provides an innovative display solution for any retail interior.

Ideal for fashion and accessories, these flexible units offer side or front hanging of garments and can be further enhanced with optional glass or timber shelving; great for folded or boxed goods.

Versatile and Durable

The high quality stainless steel frames are available with fittings for floor to wall, wall to ceiling and mid floor suspended locations, subject to site conditions.

Our VERSO system looks great when combined with our ROTOR or OMNI systems, too.

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Rotor Floor Units

These versatile floor units are available as either a single or double display.

The durable powder coated steel frames are fitted with adjustable feet and our unique rotating hanging rails have a simple lift-twist-lock mechanism. They can also be supplied with optional top shelves, end panels and mirrors.


ROTOR frames are perfect for dual side or forward hanging, or a mix of both on the same unit.

Simply lift the rail, turn through 90 degrees and drop it back down to fix it in position. Great for adding interest to your floor displays.

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TRIRAIL Floor Units

TRIRAIL display stands provide a simple way to display mid-floor side hanging fashion items.

Available in two useful sizes, 600mm and 1200mm widths, these cost-effective furnishings are also great for temporary promotional merchandising as the removable central leg allows them to be stored flat when not in use.

Mix and Match

Mix and match with our OMNI, VERSO or ROTOR systems for a flexible retail space, or use for flash sales or end of line stock clearance.

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Display Tables

Our Display Tables are perfect for folded fashion display requirements, but also work brilliantly in Museum gift shops and book stores for displaying heavier products such as decorative items, books, ornaments and crockery.

This collection of four contemporary rectangular tables can be used either on their own or in various combinations to create tiered or nested arrangements. They can be easily repositioned to suit your changing needs from season to season.

Finishes and Materials

Manufactured from mild steel and powder coated to suit your requirements, these Display Tables can be supplied separately and come with toughened glass (with radius corners) or high-quality timber tops.

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