In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to promote your business efficiently, making sure your customers are aware of new deals and products.

However, it is easy to strain your marketing budget, making expensive marketing products hard to justify. The good news is that effective marketing products do not have to be expensive. With a little imagination, even a small budget can create a successful marketing toolkit, and poster frames are a good example of this.

Posters are a simple but effective marketing method. They are inexpensive to produce, but with eye-catching colours and bold lettering, they attract immediate attention. While you can place these directly on walls, this is likely to be a false economy, as they would quickly become damaged. However, when placed in well-made but inexpensive poster frames, such as the ones in stock at Assigns, they will remain looking fresh.

Poster cases are a highly versatile marketing product, with many different options to suit your premises. All businesses need to maintain a consistent image to help them attract customers and build up loyalty. Whatever your image, whether it is traditional, futuristic or fun, a poster frame can enhance that. The frames can come in many different colours or consist of different materials to build on the image you wish to convey.

Choosing marketing products of the right size is also important to make them effective. A small message in a vast space can be easily lost, while a large product can over-clutter a small one. Whatever the space you have, you can purchase a poster case that will look right. A comprehensive range of poster cases, such as the one at Assigns, will be likely to have the product you need. But if you want a product as unique as your business, you can also explore the option of custom-built poster frames.

You can place poster frames almost anywhere on your premises as part of your retail display system. They can feature in windows, reminding passers-by of the products you offer and promoting special deals. You can place them around the store, drawing customers’ attention to certain products or upcoming events. Placed behind a counter or alongside an escalator, they can take advantage of moments when customers are not doing anything else and draw their attention to the message you wish to convey.

Poster cases are not just for indoor use. You can also choose options that you place outside and will protect your posters from harsh weather conditions. Outside, they can promote your business even when the premises are closed, as well as tempting customers who might otherwise have walked past.

Any marketing product is subject to general wear and tear, as well as occasional wilful damage. Poster frames will protect your marketing posters from those problems with the option of lockable poster cases to keep your posters extra secure. They are also a marketing product that is easy to update without a lot of additional expense. As soon as you have a new product or offer you wish to promote, simply insert the new poster in its frame, giving these affordable marketing products an instant new look.