Rails & Fittings

Our comprehensive selection of Rails and Fittings has been designed to suit a wide variety of applications.

Available to order in a variety of lengths or styles, our unique selection of rails, forward arms and prongs combine perfectly with our extensive range of slotted uprights.

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Display Rails

Designed to ensure maximum flexibility, Peerless-Assigns rails come in two main styles as standard;

Forward Rails are projected out and allow for merchandise to be hung side-on to your customer without requiring any further fittings, and Rear Rails are designed to sit back and support forward facing arms from elsewhere in our range, to allow your merchandise to face your customer. Available in a range of tube shapes and sizes, rails offer a perfect blend of modularity, strength and aesthetics, allowing you to tailor your display to suit your needs.

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Direct Fix Arms & Fittings

Covering a multitude of styles and functions, our Direct Fix Arms and Fittings are versatile and easy to use.

Simple design means that these fittings will hook directly into the Peerless-Assigns range of uprights and allow for merchandising directly in front, allowing the upright to be used as a feature in the display. Our Stepped Arms are great for adding depth and texture to your display, and our Raked Arms help with displaying easy sizing information, whilst our Two-Way Arm is great for side-hanging garments.

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Forward Arms & Fittings

Very similar in nature to our Direct Fix Arms, the difference here is that instead of a toothed bracket for fitting into the uprights, these Forward Arms and Fittings instead use a saddle fixing that sits over a supporting Rear Rail, allowing you to mix and match according to your requirements.

The fact that they can be used close together along a single rail makes these arms ideal for smaller goods like lingerie, ties, socks and other small products that necessitate denser positioning.

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