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Uprights & Channels

Section A (A.01-A.06)

A.01 – Integrated Uprights
A.02 – Sideline Fittings
A.03 – Surface Uprights – Rectangular
A.04 – Surface Uprights – Square & Elliptical
A.05 – Hanging Uprights – FREELINE System
A.06 – Hanging Uprights – FREELINE System

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Brackets & Fittings

Section B (B.01-B.04)

B.01 – Linear Brackets
B.02 – Rectangular Brackets
B.03 – Curved Brackets
B.04 – Specialist Brackets

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Rails, Arms & Fittings

Section C (C.01-C.04)

C.01 – Fine Display Rails
C.02 – Intermediate Display Rails
C.03 – All-in-one Display Rails
C.04 – Rectangular Display Rails

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Ferrules & Fittings

Section D (D.01-D.04)

D.01 – Ferrule Range
D.02 – Push-Fit Ferrules
D.03 – Quartz Round Ferrules
D.04 – Cap Ferrule Range

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Floor & Wall Units

Section E (E.01-E.08)

E.01 – OMNI Wall Units
E.02 – OMNI Perimeter Units
E.03 – OMNI Floor Units (Small)
E.04 – OMNI Floor Units (Large)
E.05 – VERSO Wall Units
E.06 – ROTOR Floor Units
E.08 – Display Tables

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Fabric Wall System

Section F (F.01-F.03)

F.01 – Fabric Wall System
F.02 – Fabric Wall System
F.03 – Fabric Wall System

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