Point-of-sale displays for hairdressers and barbers

Whether you are on the ‘cutting edge’ of the latest styles and fashions, or have regular and loyal clientele with a more traditional taste, creating the right ambience within your salon is vital to building trust and confidence.

At Peerless-Assigns we have everything you need to make sure your salon is the place to be seen.  Whether it’s simple lightboxes displaying great fashion images in the windows of your high-end salon, or our on-trend carnival signs making a big impact in your up-market barbers shop, we have the right solution for you.

And for increasing those margins and upselling, our merchandising display systems can give you the flexibility you need for displaying any kind of hair product, with finishes ranging from slick and modern to beaten-up and weathered, we will work with you to create exactly the right look.

Edgelit Lightboxes

Our slimmest Lightbox.

Utilising the latest LED technology, it produces a crisp, even light while using far less energy than a conventional fluorescent tube equivalent Lightbox.

Omni Wall

Illuminate Cable Systems

Digital Screens


Inspiration for your hairdresser

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