The humble A-Board may be as old as the hills, but we believe that it is seriously underestimated as a marketing tool. A-Boards can be extremely effective in the right conditions, so if you’re not using them, we’d like to offer you some reasons to reconsider them as a method for promoting your brand. With the proper positioning and messaging, A-Boards will earn you a lot of attention – a necessary prelude to increased sales.

A-Boards grab attention

A-Boards, sometimes known as pavement signs, sandwich boards or walkway signs, are undoubtedly beneficial as marketing tools, not least because they instantly draw customers’ attention to what you’ve got inside your store before they’ve even thought about walking through your door. People won’t buy what they can’t see, and this is especially true if you have limited space in your storefront window. Eye-catching, impossible-to-miss A-Boards let shoppers view products from outside your store and can entice them to buy your products when, milliseconds ago, they may have had no intention of pausing on their journey.

Be judicious: external A-Boards strategically placed on the pavement outside your storefront work best with pedestrians. If you have plenty of people ambling by your store during the day, then A-Boards are just the ticket to bring them in your direction. However, if foot traffic is thin in your location, then these boards may be less effective than a striking banner or signage that juts perpendicular to your building. Drivers zooming by at 40mph might simply miss an A-Board, although on less busy roads with a lower speed limit, they may feel the inclination to stop and get out of their cars if they’ve seen a great one.

If you’re taking part in a trade show or a farmer’s market, then A-Boards work well when placed strategically at the entrance. They’ll help draw footfalls your way, and potential customers will instantly recognise your business when they come across it.

Pavement space is marketing space

Don’t underestimate pavement space. It may have an obvious primary function – allowing pedestrians to walk without the risk of a vehicle hitting them – but outside your storefront, it also represents an opportunity for marketing. Remember that A-Boards begin your marketing pitch before would-be customers have stepped through your door. Pavement advertising tends to generate sales with very little effort on your part. Using a well-manufactured, sturdy A-Board will let you promote a new product, highlight a daily special or flag up a seasonal sale.

Variety is the spice of marketing

If you’re canny when it comes to exploiting your A-Board’s versatility, then you can keep the same passers-by interested in your offerings by changing the message every few days. Use these boards to advertise a product or promote special deals. By doing this, you engage interest and boost your audience, allowing more people to become potential customers.

A-Boards offer simple yet striking messaging

Resist the temptation to clutter your A-Board with long, convoluted messaging. The simpler the wording, the better. When people are in a hurry, they have limited attention spans. Short and striking messages will grab them far more successfully than epic poems.

Finally, creative graphics or images of your products work wonders. Keep your messages short and sweet and your pictures attractive and exciting, and your A-Board will help put you on the road to success.