Making your marketing stand out is key to its success in increasing interest in your business.

While displays were previously limited to posters, signs and window displays, today’s technology has extended the possibilities to LCD digital displays. By incorporating these digital screens into your retail display system, you can make your marketing to stand out from the crowd.

LCD digital displays are instantly eye-catching. With bright colours, moving images and soundtracks, they attract and hold attention, providing a vital opportunity to convey your message. What your screen portrays will depend on the nature of your business and is limited only by your imagination. Examples could include a video of your products in action or an advertisement for an upcoming promotion. You can easily vary the content to provide ongoing interest, and after the initial investment, you can simply update your content as your promotions and products change. Over time, this approach can save money, as it reduces the need for print runs.

As with all marketing, where you place digital screens is important. There is a range of LCD digital displays available at Assigns, including options for wall-mounted or free-standing units. Options for their location might include near the entrance so everyone who enters will see it, or near the products you are promoting to draw customers over. Whatever you choose, the robust design and toughened glass will ensure your investment lasts for many years to come. Assigns also gives you the option of tablet holders, enabling you to incorporate several small screens into your marketing strategy.

When preparing your LCD digital displays, take the time to create content of a professional standard. High-quality images and videos will look impressive and are likely to have a positive bearing on your customers’ buying decisions. If you are also using audio content, take the time to ensure the volume is right, particularly if there are voices involved. You need to make sure your customers can clearly hear the audio, but content that is too loud may be off-putting to customers.

It is also important to keep the content varied. The same short content on a loop will quickly become dull. One of the advantages of digital screens is that you can easily update them, allowing you to react to events as they happen or use them to schedule your promotions throughout the day to target the particular demographic you are likely to have in store at any given time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your digital displays. Because the content is relatively inexpensive to produce and is easy to change, it is the ideal media for testing new ideas. By scheduling digital promotions at certain times, you can quickly see the impact on your sales, allowing you to build on the success of a promotion or easily discard an idea that doesn’t work.

LCD digital displays are still a fairly new form of promotion, and now is the ideal time to explore it. Digital screens convey an impression of a company that is innovative and looking to the future. It is likely to become increasingly popular and will undoubtedly develop further as fast as technology allows.