Most artists feel a little intimidated by a blank canvas. They must shape that expanse of nothingness into something tangible with the first daubs of a brush. But what? The prospect of infinite options isn’t far from the prospect of pure chaos.

If you’re a business owner thinking of redesigning the layout of your premises or designing it from scratch, then there’s a comforting and practical solution on hand to help you overcome that blank canvas paralysis: café barriers.

Café barriers bring order from chaos

Most of your customers will not like unstructured chaos gaping before them when they enter your premises. Boundaries aren’t restrictions; they are guides. Beautifully manufactured café barriers make for especially appealing and effective guides, instantly bringing comforting order to a space that might otherwise cause a free-for-all. If you don’t want potential patrons heading rapidly for the exit, then it’s worth thinking about using café barriers to get the most out of your space. This includes utilising them not only to manage the flow of customer traffic and define different zones, but also to subtly and stylishly advertise.

Café barriers are media for advertising

Whether you opt for economy or deluxe café barriers, remember that they’re not simply barricades. Those banners between the posts have advertising space written all over them, so why not capitalise on it? Given that well-made café barriers can set boundaries in both indoor and outdoor spaces, they’re a highly versatile means of attracting interest from prospective customers about your business, and this is the first step to generating footfall. You can get your branding right out onto the street, which is especially vital if you have limited storefront dimensions. The pavement becomes your blank advertising canvas while the café barriers offer the eye-catching daubs of “paint” — namely, the messages that you want passers-by to see. By attracting gazes, café barriers help lead customers to your premises. Think of them as a kind of pop-up extension to your shopfront.

Advertising can supplement other functions

Café barriers are great for separating areas for different uses, such as drinking and dining areas that are close to but apart from a socialising or smoking area. However, the banners attached to them can also display your company logo or the products or services that you offer. Therefore, they are continually fulfilling a dual function. They let your customers know who you are and what you can provide. They are always before your customers’ faces without being in their faces. Well-designed café barriers offer an aesthetic appeal as they fulfil their role of distinguishing your different zones. Coupled with your advertising message, they can draw public attention to your unique business.

In short, café barriers lend an aura of professional order to a business, but they can do even more. Not only do they define specific areas in a store, helping prevent accidents by keeping mobile customers milling around the merchandise safely away from zones for sitting and relaxing, but they also ceaselessly advertise your business. We believe that they are a decidedly worthwhile investment.