Lightboxes are a window into a new world of eye-catching and engaging ads at store level. These vibrant LED products bring images to life and are particularly effective at driving awareness of products and signs. A successful ad campaign requires clear, focused target visuals, and lightboxes are being embraced en masse by advertisers due to their advantages over other offline tools and resources.

Some of the benefits of utilising LED lightboxes for advertising include:

  • LEDs are energy efficient. They use much less power than fluorescent lighting, can be used for significant periods of time, and are cost-effective.
  • LEDs are great for reducing your carbon footprint. Implementing green solutions is now a top priority for modern enterprises, and LED lit boxes are safe for the environment.
  • LEDs offer superior longevity, are durable, and do not require any additional bulbs or tubes.
  • LEDs will maximise the reach of your brand message. Perhaps most importantly, lightboxes will ensure all in-store marketing and ad campaigns can be seen quickly and easily by customers.

Branded content

Notable advances in LED and printing technology in recent years have increased the popularity of lightboxes in retail spaces due to their effectiveness in driving positive customer actions. For example, our Image Light LED Lightboxes are incredibly bright, slim, and deliver great return on investment. Available in Edgelit, Backlit, and Sidelit variants, these products can be used to promote branded content in stores, maximising the visibility of marketing messages and signage.

Large displays

Our Ceiling Lightboxes take the concept of illuminated displays to the next level, as they can be used by advertisers to showcase breathtaking images across a ceiling. The library of sky effects brings the outdoors indoors, and they can be complemented by other lightboxes to establish a stunning visual experience for visitors. This is a great way to develop your own in-store brand image, to stand out from the crowd, and to promote specific products and services.

Outdoor displays

Outdoor advertising is also critical if you want to engage with a local target audience. Our Lockable Outdoor LED Edgelit Lightbox offers all the benefits of LED with the addition of a robust unit including a toughened glass front window. Like many of our products, such as chalkboards and pavement signs, these boxes can be used to attract the attention of people who may otherwise pass by without entering your store. In addition, they are great for promoting offers, discounts, and sales, or encouraging customers to visit social media accounts and sign up for the latest information and newsletters. Our lightboxes can be used as a crucial link in the marketing and advertising chain, allowing brands to control their message across all touchpoints.