Digital advertising screens are a great way to grab the attention of potential customers, providing a flexible platform to communicate your messaging. Here are a few of our favourite reasons why using this type of device can help your business thrive.

They’re highly versatile

Digital advertising screens, apart from being highly attention-catching, allow you to customise (and update) your name, logo and menu items at the click of a mouse. Over and over again. Essentially, you can use a single digital “noticeboard” for a raft of different messages and images, which you can change whenever you wish. Instantly. Unlike traditional advertising displays, you don’t have to discard them when they get worn or when your business evolves. The digital displays that we supply at Assigns won’t require a separate computer or networking software. Their in-built multimedia players allow you to schedule static images, music and movies at the touch of a button.

They’re durable and they save you money

Unlike banners, posters and neon signs, digital advertising display screens have impressively lengthy lifespans. They’re simply under less physical duress, so they suffer less wear and tear. Indoor versions have especially long lifespans. The content that you display on digital screens is effortlessly easy to edit, as regularly as you like. They’re as simple to maintain as your home LED or LCD TV. If you need to update the software, you can do this in a jiffy with the digital advertising screens that we supply at Assigns with the use of a USB pen drive.

They attract customer attention

You might think that the products or services that you supply are practical but unexciting. Think again. Digital advertising screens turn heads and draw gazes. Even gasps. They entice potential customers. If you want to test potential interest for a new product or service, digital advertising screens are the ideal way to do it and to get people interested in your offerings.