Café barriers are an attractive advertising feature that you can use both inside and outside your premises.

Despite the name, they are not just for cafés or other eating establishments. Many businesses find these a useful advertising tool that can spread their message while enhancing the appearance of the premises.

When placed outside, a café barrier can extend the presence of a business into the outdoor space, clearly marking it as part of the establishment. Frequently used by eateries as a way of marking an al fresco dining area, these barriers allow customers to feel that they have entered the premises while still being outside. Café barriers can square off an outdoor area for queueing, giving visitors a sense of order as they arrive at an attraction.

Their usage inside is similar. Barriers can mark a space and allow for the clear delineation of different areas of a building and retail display systems. The word “barrier” makes them sound restrictive, but in fact, the opposite is true. By marking areas and guiding customers around premises, they create an order that makes the store more accessible to all. Customers like a well-ordered space that shows them where to go. When someone is ready to pay, for example, café barriers can help to manage the queue.

It would be possible to do all this with a simple cordon, but when it comes to promoting your brand, you should make every space count. Café barriers can do a great deal to enhance your image and spread the messages that you wish to promote. When selecting café barriers from a company such as Assigns, you will have many options available to you.

Think about the image of your business and the colours used in your store front or logo. Choose the same colours for your display banners, and your customers will immediately associate them with your brand. For café barriers outside your premises, this will clearly show the outdoor area as part of your business.

The blank space of a café barrier is an ideal place to advertise your business. You may opt for a simple logo or slogan or an advertisement for a product or service. The barrier can be a permanent fixture of your business that will draw eyes both inside and outside your store. You can also change café barriers easily. An investment in a set of poles, bases and cross rails will last a long time, allowing you to adjust the appearance of the barrier at will. The possibilities are endless. A sale, a new product or a special event are all occasions that you can promote in this eye-catching manner.

Café barriers are also easily portable, making them an effective advertising tool for mobile businesses such as pop-ups. By displaying your logo or products, you can attract interest from passers-by and visibly promote your presence in the area.

With their professional appearance and ability to create order while offering both indoor and outdoor advertising, café barriers are well worth considering by all businesses.