Modern brands often overlook the importance of traditional marketing resources such as billboards and chalkboards. Though online advertising strategies allow enterprises to reach consumers using social media, email, search engines, and other platforms, local ads can be particularly effective at driving positive customer actions in retail, while raising awareness of various digital touchpoints.

Bridge between online and offline

Blurring the line between online and offline and linking them together makes it much easier to engage with a larger target audience and encourage consumers along the sales cycle. It will maximise the impact of ad campaigns and drive better return on investment for all marketing endeavours. For example, we offer a Steel Legged Chalkboard A-Board and a Square Framed Chalkboard that could be used to promote social media accounts and competitions, or to suggest customers sign up for a weekly email newsletter. The offline ad prompts customers to use their smartphones. They will then interact with your brand and you will benefit either through a sale or through first party data that can be used to serve up content they desire in the future.


Brand image

A Point-of-Sale display is critical to helping your enterprise stand out from the crowd. Not only can you talk about your USP, showcasing information that will be of interest to passing customers, but you can also develop your own brand image with stunning visuals, a unique logo and type font. Our Traditional Poster A-Board is perfect for this simple advertising method, as you will be able to use a colourful, eye-catching poster to promote your business. The solid wood construction, APET front sheets, and magnetic closure system will also ensure your branding can be seen by all, come rain or shine.


Cost effective and flexible

Your business will change and grow, so you need an offline ad method that is flexible and has the ability to promote new offers quickly and easily. Our chalkboards can fit seamlessly into traditional campaigns, as you can write, edit, and erase promotion and marketing messages in minutes. Chalk is easy to remove, and unlike other offline strategies such as leaflets, billboards, signs, and even radio ads, it won’t require any additional spending. You can simply clean the board and start again. Chalkboards are also a great long-term advertising option, as they can be used indefinitely.


Reach a local audience

Many people now use connected devices, but there remains a large subset of the public that is best served by billboard and chalkboard ads. The importance of engaging with potential customers in retail takes on even greater significance if you don’t have an ecommerce website or online presence. A high-quality A-Board will allow you to inform people about your business and encourage them to enter, rather than risking them passing you by.


In-store ads

Advertising doesn’t end once a customer enters a shop. Our Slide in Chalkboard Poster Frame and Table Top Menu Board are among the products that can be used to inform people about in-store offers and discounts. For example, you may have a sale in one section of the shop, or a new product or service you want to promote. Chalkboards are an incredibly effective means for controlling all your offline marketing messages.