Assigns has a vast range of point of sale products, including poster frames and LED light boxes, available in many different sizes, styles and colours. In most circumstances, selecting the standard version of these products will fulfil your marketing display requirements.

However, you may have a specific design in mind but are unable to find exactly what you are looking for. In these situations, we recommend using our Modified and Custom-Built product services.

Using the Modified service  

Our Modified service brings you the best of both worlds. You can take advantage of the lower prices and speedy delivery of the standard range, while still enjoying individual, personalised features. The time to use the Modified service is when you have found something in the standard range that is not quite what you want. Your reason for deciding this might be because the size or colour of the standard product is not right, or you might wish for extra features such as a leaflet dispenser or a header board. Whatever your requirements, a phone call or email can arrange the necessary alterations to the standard product to ensure that it is precisely what you desire.

Creating a Custom-Built product 

A Custom-Built product will take a little longer to achieve, but it will certainly be worth the wait, as we deliver your point of sale products to your exact specifications. Assigns always takes pride in the high quality of our products, so when you order a bespoke item, you can expect the highest standards. 

Even if you are not completely sure of what exact product you need, it is worth getting in touch with us as we will be happy to discuss your ideas and purposes. From these discussions, our designers can generate a concept and even create a prototype to ensure that there are no issues with the design before manufacture. 

There is no need to worry about whether your project might be too big for Assigns to handle or too small for us to bother with. We are pleased to take on projects of all sizes. With plenty of manufacturing and warehousing space, we have no problems in managing a large project or incorporating many different products, from poster frames and forecourt signs to LCD digital signs that we can replicate many times over for a national chain. We will give the same detailed attention to smaller projects, ensuring these will also fulfil your vision.

Our promise 

From the first discussion of an idea to the final product delivery, you can expect professional service from Assigns. With both our Modified and Custom-Built services, we will not commence production of any project until you are completely satisfied with all the finer details. These do not just include the design, but also the budget and delivery service. 

We can assure you that the results of our Modified and Custom-Built services will be impressive. You will receive a well-made product designed to be hard-wearing, long-lasting and as unique as your business. This investment will allow you to create effective marketing systems that increase your company’s traffic and sales.