We’ve got a theory about flags. They catch adults’ attention in pretty much the same way that a balloon captures a child’s. They’re colourful, impossible to ignore and, like the toddler’s balloon, curiously uplifting. We think that they’re a great way of advertising your product, especially if you’re working on a shoestring marketing budget and you want to draw those eyes in your product’s direction with minimal effort and expense.

Let’s expand on why flag products are a great way of advertising if you want cost-effective and attention-grabbing techniques.

No-fuss assembly

Firstly, they’re wonderfully versatile and easy to assemble. You won’t need stakes, hammers, nails and other tools. The range of flag products that we have on offer at Assigns can be tailored perfectly to your budget and your product. There are particularly robust designs available if you’re seeking a more enduring installation, as well as much more lightweight and inexpensive options for temporary events or promotions. The latter can be set up and taken down in little more than the twinkle of an eye. And because they come in unique, frame-worked designs such as teardrops or feathers, as well as the more traditional banners, there’s no danger of them dangling floppily on breezeless days. Your message gets across whatever the weather.

Enduring appeal

Most business owners haven’t got access to corporate advertising budgets, which rules out splashing thousands of pounds on TV, radio, newspaper and online ads. That’s where roadside banners and custom flags can come into their own. Unlike a TV ad campaign, which goes not long after it has come, for a much smaller outlay, you’ll own an advertising product that you can use for years to come, not simply during promotions or special sales. That’s a pretty nifty investment, we believe.

Space busters

Your physical premises may come with space limitations. Usually, flat, horizontal outdoor space is the one thing that you need for advertising but simply don’t have, especially if you’re located in a crammed shopping centre or crowded business park. But think again. Flag products completely circumvent this problem by using vertical space instead. A well-positioned, striking feather flag works wonders, causing heads to turn.


The more lightweight flag products come with another often-underestimated advantage: they’re highly portable. This means that you can shift them to take full advantage of shifting traffic patterns, or simply to add a little variety to the landscape. Business doesn’t stand still, and neither does your advertising flag.

From flag to mind

Using advertising flag products allows numerous people to see your offerings in the best possible light every day as they pass your business. When people do this, they’re reading your advertising message day after day, even if they’re doing so subconsciously. The result? When they need your product or service, your business is likely to be top of their list because they’re already familiar with it.

Bite the bullet. Invest in flag advertising products now and watch your sales grow.