To be portable or not to be portable, that is the question!

Ease is the key when it comes to browsing business literature or promotional flyers and there are a multitude of benefits in investing in portable literature racks to allow people to do just that. While it may seem that most promotional activity is moving to digital platforms, there is nothing quite like a flyer or brochure to promote a business or activity, and believe it or not, flyers are just as, if not more, effective than emails!

So if you’re displaying any literature in your establishment, make sure you’ve mastered the art of simplifying the experience down to a tee with a literature rack. Not only will there be no heavy bookshelves to manoeuvre on cleaning days there’ll be no leaflets taking up crucial till space! This lets people leisurely browse your literature or brochures rather than go to grab one from your counter and do the nervous dance around the customer you may be serving!

If you don’t own a customer serving business, however, and you think you have no need for literature racks then think again! A well placed literature rack in a reception area or lobby gives impatient clients something to read while they’re waiting for their meetings. They’re also ideal for packing up and taking to conferences, trade shows or exhibitions. Never let an opportunity pass you by, you can hand out leaflets until you’re blue in the face but nothing is better than allowing people to browse through the literature you have to offer and then following it up with a quick chat. It’s a less invasive way of getting people interested about what you have to say!

Portable Literature Racks Available At Assigns

So, to summarise, the benefits of a portable literature rack;
– They’re lightweight and therefore easy to move around.
– They maximise small spaces by freeing up much needed space around till points or seating areas.
– They can hold numerous brochures, flyers, leaflets and pamphlets.
– They travel well and are ideal for exhibitions or trade shows, especially when you may not have the man power to talk to everyone who visits your stand!
– They’re available at Assigns of course.