Everyone loves a bargain, and the January sales have long been a good way to keep customers coming to stores after the hectic Christmas shopping period. The January sales tend to be busy, but with every shop offering its own discounts, making sure that you have an efficient retail display system is the key to ensuring success.

Encourage customers into your store

Your sales need to start outside the store. Effective window displays and presentations near the door need to be attractive and highlight the bargains found inside. Signage can promote the sales and give information on the discounts available.

Prepare the store layout

As at any other time, a good store layout is essential for success. If you have display tables and free-standing units, then consider whether you need to move them to display your sale items more prominently. The crowds of people can be chaotic, but a well-ordered store will look appealing to bargain hunters.

Unlike at other times, a large proportion of January shoppers may not have a clear idea of what they are looking for. Beyond bargains, a lot of sales will be impulse purchases. Use your units to guide the customers around your store, allowing them to see as much as possible. Make sure that your sale items are in a prominent position and labelled in a legible manner.

Display the products

Using the correct retail displays for each product is as important during sales as at any other time. Depending on the stock in your store, you may need shelves, rails or display tables, all of which are available from us at Peerless. Choosing quality displays to present your stock to its best advantage will make it look more valuable, allowing your customers to gain more satisfaction in their bargain hunting.

Because the January sales are likely to be busy, it is easy for even the best retail display systems to quickly become disorganised. Check your staffing levels well in advance to make sure that you have enough staff on the rota to keep your displays looking attractive. Empty shelves are also off-putting and make customers feel that there is little of interest stocked in the shop. Make sure that staff know to keep the displays well supplied as the bargains fly off the shelves.

Not everything needs to be on offer

While most customers coming through your doors during the January sales will be on the lookout for bargains, this is also the time for stores to start promoting their new and full-priced stock. Have your bargains prominently displayed to entice the customers in, but use the path through your shop to show them the new stock. Ensure that you label these items clearly so that customers get a taste of what they might find in the future.

With shoppers in the mood for impulse purchases, sales of these products can be healthy. If customers are going to be saving money on one item, then they may be even more encouraged to buy another. Even if they do not buy on that occasion, they might wish to return to your store at another time.