Samsung has come out swinging and surpassed Apple as the top Smartphone manufacturer and their cell phone sales are through the roof because Samsung gets it done when it comes to marketing.

Point-of-Sale Marketing

Their highly refined marketing approach presents a clear case for using determination and imagination in advertising. With their hard hitting point of sale retail marketing techniques, Samsung is getting more of the buzz and winning more of the business. Smart competitors would do well to make a case study of the Samsung path to success.

Notice how Samsung has incorporated fresh and innovative ideas on how to approach the consumer. They shake up the marketplace and get the prospect emotionally engaged in the buying proposition. Samsung is reaping the benefits of their bold advertising techniques, eclectic campaigns and outrageous product statements. Consumers look twice and buy the brand with confidence.

Samsung has mastered the art of presenting POS enticements to the consumer that get attention, create interaction and turn prospects into profits more often.

They have earned their strong position in the marketplace the old fashioned way. They worked for it. Samsung pushed hard to reach the consumer with “The Next Big Thing” campaign and their compelling approach leaves other prominent retailers appearing lackluster by comparison.

Samsung uses modern and creative window displays to get the attention of consumers and bring them in. Their “Time Machine” advertisements that are in the marketplace now are conversation pieces that can hold the attention of the prospect longer by promoting intense consumer interaction.

Samsung is able to propel the demand for their devices by teaming up with Foursquare to deliver your life in full color, right before your eyes. Using individual content from Foursquare, The Time Machine draws the consumer in with familiar images and incorporates more emotion into the buying experience. Consumers watch, hypnotized as their history unfolds before them. They come away refreshed with some recommendations on “The Next Big Thing.”

Their use of digital displays promotes sales with engaging technology. Samsung creates an alluring temptation for consumers to be part of their lifestyle. For the customer, Samsung delivers an emotional buying experience where the purchaser is drawn to a brand based on feelings as much as facts.

With advertising gold like their “Taking on Goliath” campaign, Samsung identifies with the purchaser and reaches them in a way others have missed.

Another tactic that drives customer engagement, Samsung uses their Paragon Display. Available in many of their stores as a way to educate the consumer about their products without boring them to tears, consumers are given an entertaining story around the devices that makes them feel more informed and more empowered to make an intelligent decision about their purchase.

When consumers are confident that they understand the product features and benefits, cost becomes secondary to desire. Samsung has found that the more consumers know about the technology and understand the capabilities of their devices and appliances, the more they are willing to pay to own the experience.

That was the purpose of Samsung’s Useless Auction last spring. Touting their new seven inch Tab2 310 as the ultimate in electronics, Samsung dared to say their device makes all other technology useless.

The television, telephone, cell phone, laptop, camera and video camera are all useless devices when compared to the Tab2 so why not auction off that junk for a chance to win a Tab2?

In a feat of marketing genius, Samsung presents this ad that connects to a microsite where one can place the lowest bid on a useless item and be entered to win their ultimate device. Brilliant.

Samsung has expanded their exposure by going where the public goes to deliver their product information. Over the summer, touting the Galaxy S III, Samsung had 3D Sensor Games installed in select theaters. This technology is able to detect audience movements in their seats and those movements will propel the motions of the game.

Going big and going straight to the bank, Samsung takes a swipe at Apple with their irreverent “iChanged” campaign and their Galaxy S4 is flying off the shelves. Samsung is indeed taking on Goliath with a few well placed smooth marketing stones that hit the mark.

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