Communicating with retail customers through (non-digital) physical channels has never been more important.

Whilst digital channels work hard in reaching new customers and converting them online (through prompts, banner adverts and conveniently-placed buttons), in-store graphic display plays a vital role in converting footfall in real life. Everywhere we look there are messages and communications being used within retail environments, from way-finding to promotion information – the location, frequency and content of the retail graphic displays is key not only in driving footfall, but converting footfall to sales.

Retail environments are also changing with smaller shop spaces, concessions, mobile stores, pop-up stores and kiosks all being deployed in a bid to capture the passing consumer trade and attract footfall. “We’re increasingly being asked to adapt our products to new spaces and provide solutions for retailers that cannot easily be solved with an off-the-shelf product” says Danny Chard, Managing Director of Assigns.

What is clear is that whilst digital and e-commerce is growing, retail environments are increasingly important for brands and businesses and the time spent by a customer inside any retail store is the best opportunity to communicate key messages through effective graphic display systems.

Assigns provide three levels of service for graphic retail display and graphic point-of-sale solutions:

1. Standard (or Pre-Made Graphic Display) graphic display solutions are core to our business and we hold stock of a number of displays systems which are predominantly manufactured by our European parent company or sourced from our Far Eastern partners.

2. Bespoke solutions (or Customised Retail Display) have provided many customers with a tailored graphic display solution technically developed to their specification.

3. The third is the Assigns Modified Graphic Display Service and we see the future of retail and graphic display being focussed around this third service area.

Modified display sits perfectly between Pre-Made and Customised – providing fast-turnaround retail display solutions that can easily be scaled up in terms of providing the same displays to any number of shops or retail sites. What modified means to Assigns is to take a Pre-Made (or standard) product line that ticks many of the customer’s requirements, then adapt and modify it to solve a specific graphic display requirement. This service means our customers do not have to lose time or increase costs through design, 3D visualisation, prototyping or tool-making and can simply base their product on an existing graphic and retail display item that we stock.

We have a long history of modifying our standard products for our clients, many examples of which can be seen in the ‘Case Studies’ section of our website – providing cost-effective solutions with short lead times.

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