Shelving is one of the most popular forms of retail display systems, and with good reason. The system makes good use of space, allowing more products to be presented even in small stores.

It is also a versatile method of display, with heights and numbers of shelves being easily adjustable as new stock comes in. However, as with all merchandising display systems, how retail shelving is used can make a big difference to how effective it is.

Place shelves at eye height

While shelving can utilise the whole height of a wall, the shelves at eye level are most readily accessible. The products displayed on those shelves will be the first ones to catch a customer’s eye, so they are where to put the products you most want customers to buy. They can include premium products, new products or special offers. That is not to say you shouldn’t have shelving above and below this height range, but use it for cheaper products or the everyday products that customers already know they need. Remember that the height of eye level is variable. Products geared towards children can be placed lower down than those aimed at adults.

Arrange the shelves attractively

Making retail display systems look attractive and easy to understand is key to their success. Using a block or vertical method of stacking shelves is a more convenient and appealing way for customers than a horizontal one. Use differently coloured items to create interest and display signing so that customers can easily find all the information they need. Good use of lighting can help draw attention to particular shelves, highlighting the details that you want customers to notice.

The number of products on each shelf can vary depending on the message that you want to convey. For multi-buy offers, make sure that there are plenty of items on the shelf to attract the bargain hunters, while premium products can be placed more sparsely to give them an exclusive look and attract those willing to spend more.

Use free-standing units

Free-standing shelf units will help make more use of the space in your store. They can also be used to create a pathway around the store, guiding customers to the products that you particularly want them to see and encouraging them to spend more time in the store. A well-designed layout of free-standing units will give the store an attractive, well-organised appearance. Ensure this is apparent from the entrance to draw people inside.

Keep it fresh

All retail display systems can become tired after a while, so regularly updating your shelving is essential. Adjustable shelving is one of the easiest merchandising display systems to update as new stock comes in. It is also a quick and cost-effective way to give your store a completely new look.

Avoid clutter

While it is important for your store to look well stocked, clutter is off-putting. Ensure that products are kept neatly arranged on shelves, and depending on the nature of the store, avoid shelving that looks too utilitarian. Peerless stock a wide range of shelving, so it is easy to find a material that suits your store, helping build the image that makes it unique. Speak to one of our friendly team today to see how we can help.