Our Stormforce products are the best Forecourt and Pavement Signs around.

Not only are they great looking and made from high-quality materials, they’re also robust, easy to modify and difficult to steal!

Our range of Stormforce options provide great display solutions for any outdoor environment. Not content with looking great when displaying your marketing message on a sunny day, the Stormforce family are tough, durable units which laugh in the face of a rainy day.

We’ve even tested them in extreme weather conditions and come out on top – did you see when we put the Stormforce II through its paces in the wind tunnel at the University of Southampton? Check out the Assigns YouTube channel if you haven’t already!

All Stormforce products include a heavy water-filled base and front opening profiles or magnetic closure systems as standard, meaning posters can be changed quickly and easily to keep your marketing fresh and up to date. Depending which model you’re after, you can also enjoy ABS kick-resistant back panels and spring mounted tops. Need a special header adding? No problem! Want a bespoke colour? Just let us know! Our Modified and Custom-Built services will ensure you get exactly what you’re after.

Call us on 01462 672000 or email [email protected] to see how we can help you get your hands on your perfect sign.