Maximising the impact of any retail space means that merchants need to look at a range of solutions to encourage customers to come into the store and then get them to stay there for as long as possible.

Store layout is key, as retailers want to encourage people to browse and experience different sections of the store, hoping that the customer will not only buy what they came in for but will make an additional purchase as well.

In most cases, the placement of products and the height at which customers can see them is essential to getting items noticed, so appropriate shelving is fundamental in drawing interest. Stores also use other techniques to attract shoppers, such as piping in bakery or coffee smells to help persuade people to buy certain foodstuffs or putting a clothing department for children on the top floor of the store. Parents who have entered looking for kids’ clothes will have to walk through many other departments for clothing and accessories to access it, and there is always the potential for impulse buying.

Marketing and advertising are often thought of as exploiting a brand name to push products online, in print or electronic media, but one of the most effective ways of grabbing a customer’s attention is by using floor stands, and there is a wide range of options you could choose from.

Floor stands are flexible

One of the main advantages of using floor stands to draw customers to specific places and present information is that they come in different sizes to suit whatever you need. Whether it’s A4, A3 or A2, retailers can get both landscape and portrait sizes for A3 and A4 and double or single-sided for A2.

At Assigns, we can provide you with quality floor stands that give clear signposts and information wherever they are placed.

Using a modular floor stand with poster frames or brochure holders gives you the option of moving it to any place where information or signage is needed. That flexibility means that when a retailer needs a quick turnaround for a specific part of the store, the stand is easy to move and stock with relevant details for signposting or disseminating additional or new product information. The stands can be single or double-sided and have rounded-corner snap frame poster holders for ease of use.

A flexible menu board also gives the option of quickly moving to the right places when new signposting will increase the potential for new sales. It is essential that information is clearly displayed and is simple to understand, which is why the flexible board can be flipped from landscape to portrait, ensuring information is shown in the most appropriate format. With standard sizes of A3 and A4, this is a very useful tool to help drive traffic to where you want to offer more information about products, prices and special offers that may have a limited timeframe, and then direct them to a point-of-sale.