In the retail sector, space is everything. A larger shop not only gives your customers a greater sense of selection, but it also reinforces the impression that yours is a successful business that they should be engaging with.

Of course, not everybody can afford a large shop, particularly when a business is new. Here are some tips to help you make your shop seem bigger than it actually is.

Create some well-positioned focal points

The entrance of your shop is crucial to enticing customers to come in, so this is where you should place the items that are most likely to catch their attention. However, make sure that you don’t overcrowd. Instead, utilise retail display systems that include a series of focal points throughout your shop, drawing customers in and establishing the sense that there is deep value on offer. At these focal points, place your most eye-catching brands alongside items you expect to be high on customers’ shopping lists. The ultimate goal is to encourage people to walk around your entire store, which will make it seem as large as possible.

Get the best possible value out of your space

Think carefully about the merchandising display systems that you place in your shop, as there are many ways that these can help increase your customer’s impression of size. One particularly effective method is to use fine-framed floorstands, such as our Rotor Stand or Omni floor units, which are easy to see-through to allow for an uninterrupted line of sight throughout the shop. Another handy technique is to use glass shelves on wall mounted systems to reduce shadows and dark corners.

Don’t overcrowd your shelves and displays

One of the most common mistakes in organising a small shop is to squeeze as many items as possible into your displays. The logic behind this is that it will show customers just how much is on offer, but what it really does is emphasise the fact that you do not have a large enough store for everything you want to sell. Spread your products out to establish a much greater sense of space. Of course, you also do not want to have shelves that are bare. A balance needs to be struck between these two positions.

Add some mirrors

One of the quickest and simplest ways to increase the perceived size of your shop is to place mirrors in strategic positions. The reflections created by these mirrors generate a sense of spatial expansion and can instantly double your apparent shop space, particularly if you place them opposite a window or other source of natural light. Bouncing some extra light around the room will also make it feel much airier and brighter.

Seek professional advice

The layout of your shop is one of the most significant factors in its potential success — it should not be approached lightly. To make your small shop appear as large as possible while utilising your space in the most effective way, consult with an expert in the field to ensure you get the help you require. A good place to start is Peerless  — specialists in merchandising display systems, retail design, commercial architecture, shelving and display systems.