Noticeboards are an affordable and highly versatile piece of equipment that you can use as a valuable part of your marketing toolkit.

Typically, noticeboards are used to provide information and instructions to staff on events that might affect their work practices or in the community to provide local information. However, they are also useful in promoting your business, providing information for customers and the general public.

Noticeboards come in many different sizes and are made from different materials. Which one you choose will depend on the size of your premises and how you wish to display the information. Whichever you choose, all the noticeboards in stock at Assigns are well-constructed from durable materials, making them an investment that will last a considerable time. You will also need to consider where you place your noticeboards, ensuring they are easily accessible and at a height that people can easily read them without stooping.

Fabric or felt noticeboards have a smart appearance. It is easy to change notices displayed and securely pin them into place. They are ideal for displaying posters and promotional materials, as well as providing useful information about your business.

You can write messages on dry-wipe noticeboards using dry-wipe pens, or you can attach them using magnets. Using dry-wipe pens to write directly on the noticeboard is an often-used method to convey instructions and information to staff, but they can also play a part in promotional activities for your customers. It is particularly valuable when information frequently changes, such as the “specials of the day” in restaurants and pubs. Used correctly, this method can add a personal touch with attractive, bright lettering. If this is an option you choose, make sure the person tasked to update this noticeboard has attractive, legible handwriting, and keep a close eye on it to make sure letters have not been accidentally erased.

As with fabric noticeboards, dry-wipe noticeboards can also have marketing materials attached by using magnets instead of pins. Materials on noticeboards in public areas can be vulnerable to wear and tear, and there is also the risk that people may remove pins or magnets, which will not only leave the board looking untidy but can also be a safety hazard. You can avoid this scenario by using lockable noticeboards. With tough, transparent doors, promotional materials stay safe and neat while still being easy to see.

If you need to display information outside your premises, the promotional material will be vulnerable to both people and the elements. Outdoor noticeboards allow you to display materials outside your premises, protecting your notices from adverse weather. With a toughened glass front, you can keep your notices resistant to weather conditions and deliberate vandalism.

Unlike indoor noticeboards that will provide information to those already interested enough to step inside, outdoor noticeboards are a good marketing tool to encourage interest from passers-by, enticing them to visit your premises either immediately or in the future. They will also keep on working hard even during closing hours to promote your business.