Most people hate airports, don’t they? They just want to check in and get on their way to their destination as quickly as possible, right? Wrong, actually. It is true that an airport can be a tedious experience if all it entails is a few hours of sitting stoically on an uncomfortable seat waiting for the flight gate to open.

Unless you are seriously into meditation, the boredom would likely be as much an issue as the physical discomfort in conditions like that.

Time + willingness + signage = purchases

Thankfully, of course, most airports are not like that at all, especially the large international ones. They are laden with glittering, attractive retail and culinary opportunities, which most fliers positively relish. As any budding entrepreneur could tell you, this makes them not simply hot spots, but sizzling, cooking-on-gas, not-to-be-missed advertising and retailing venues, especially of the pop-up variety.

Airports by their very design and nature constrain flyers to specific areas, and unless they’re mainly composed of Zen Buddhists or otherworldly types, they are going to find themselves studying their surroundings. A survey by airport media specialist Eye found that 52 per cent of the flyers they polled said that they have “more time to shop and browse at the airport than they do when they are on the high street”.

Of those surveyed, 53 per cent said they would not leave an airport without buying a fragrance product of some kind, while 60 per cent were more willing to buy a new brand of fragrance at an airport than anywhere else. Nearly a third decided to upgrade their standard beauty or grooming supplies while perusing the offerings in airports, while 75 per cent purchased the brand they usually favour.

Airport magic

There is a certain magic to an airport, especially when it is the gateway to a longed-for holiday destination, and the evidence strongly suggests that airport shoppers are particularly open to indulging in a little ‘retail therapy’. They also have the time on their hands to buy items they would normally either fail to notice or, in their hurry, discount as unnecessary. In airports, they behave differently. They look at things they would not normally look at, and that’s good for business.

There are few other places on Earth where you will have the same volume of people passing by your advert or pop-up store. Nowhere else will you see your signage or pop-up passed by up to100 million potential buyers every year than in a large international airport.

Why digital signage is necessary

However, somehow or other, you still have to find a way of standing out from the crowd if you want your offerings to be noticed.

If you are thinking, “okay, let’s just get some printed advertising displays up”, we would politely invite you to leave the 1980s behind in nostalgia-land. Static print displays in such competitive locations are relics of yesteryear. If you want prospective customers to turn their attention onto what you have to offer, you need to go digital.

Digital signage, to be blunt, is indispensable if you are to make any kind of unique visual impact in a populous and often vast venue like an airport. Do not be under any illusions. Investing in digital signage for advertising in airports can yield handsome returns. At Assigns, we can help send foot traffic in your direction with our striking LED light boxes and attention-grabbing LCD display systems.

These digital display systems deliver high-end, aesthetically alluring messaging at exceptionally cost-effective prices. Why not use them to boost your returns by capturing the attention of more of the millions of potential customers available to you?