Flags are becoming increasingly popular in marketing campaigns and, used correctly, they can be highly effective in spreading your message.

Personalised and unique, a flag can play a valuable role in boosting the image of your company.

There are a number of advantages in using flags for your marketing campaigns. Placed outside of your premises, they can attract attention from those who would otherwise walk straight past. Brightly coloured flags are instantly eye-catching, while any movement caused by the wind will help to snatch the attention of any passers-by. The design possibilities really are endless, meaning that even if competing businesses have flags nearby, you can still individualise and have a completely unique advertising tool.

Choosing a flag

When designing your flag, there are a number of factors which may influence your decision. The flags we provide come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A large one might seem more eye-catching but will also require the space to display it. If your design is a detailed one, you are likely to need a large flag to ensure all details are clear, while a simple design may look just as striking on a smaller flag and could even entice your target audience to come in and find out more.

A flag does not have to be an average rectangle as the shape itself can be another feature that adds interest to the design. Assigns has a variety of different shapes available including feather flags and quill flags which could be ideal for your purposes. Both have an attractive appearance which will appeal to passers-by and look particularly effective when several are stood in a row.

It is also necessary to consider whether your flags will need to be moved. A light-weight, portable flag is a versatile marketing tool, enabling you to move your flags as required for maximum effect in multiple venues. If you have a more permanent location for your flag, consider a heavy-duty flag with a particularly robust design that will not have to be changed frequently.

Colours, images and lettering on the flags will be unique to your business. Choose a design which will enhance the image of your business, helping to further establish your brand. The flags can be single- or double-sided. To choose the best one for you, consider your budget but also, more importantly, where the flag is going to be displayed. If they are easily visible from both sides, a double-sided flag will promote your brand to passers-by in both directions.

When and where to display your flags

A key advantage of flags in marketing campaigns is their simple versatility. A flag is a good investment to make as they can be reused many times; they can be placed directly outside of your premises, advertising a grand opening, a sale or any other celebration and event. But directly outside the premises is not the only location for flags. As they are a portable marketing tool, flags can be moved to wherever you need to direct your campaign. Take them to trade shows or community events to encourage a wider audience to discover your company.

As a form of outdoor advertising, flags will convey your message even when your business is closed, meaning that this form of marketing keeps working twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year without any extra expense.