Tensioned cable display systems are an effective and versatile marketing tool for use in window displays. They encourage passers-by to enter your premises or at least consider returning on another day.

Often seen in estate agents, they can be valuable for many kinds of businesses, from travel agents to showrooms. From their position in a window, they continue to promote your business even after closing time, making them one of the hardest-working promotional tools available.

You should choose a display system carefully to ensure that it has the right fit for your display area. An empty-looking one can give the impression of a store with little to offer, while an overcrowded one can be confusing and off-putting. Tensioned cable displays are easily adjustable to fit the necessary space. At Assigns, we offer a range of cable kits, from three-cable to five-cable models that you can easily combine. The size and number of POS holders can also vary depending on the information that you need to convey. Whether you are looking to create a small display in one window or a large display that takes up much of the storefront, it is easy to choose a tensioned cable display system that fits the space exactly.

Window displays tend to give potential customers their first impression of a store, and the professional appearance of a tensioned cable display system can do much to enhance the appearance of the entire premises. With unobtrusive acrylic frames and thin cables, these display systems are appropriate for most premises. The floating appearance of cable display systems is attractive to customers. Despite their sleek, modern appearance, they also fit in well in buildings such as museums and art galleries, where they blend into the surroundings. They are also ideal for use in offering information and leaflets.

As with any display system, to make the most of a tensioned cable display, you will need to keep it well-organised. After your initial investment and installation, tensioned cable displays have the advantage of being easy to maintain. The quality materials used to create the system are robust and should last for a considerable time. Merchandising displays can lose their effectiveness if they become tired-looking with nothing new to show, but by placing new information and posters in the POS holders and adapting the arrangement by adding or removing POS holders as necessary, you can give your merchandising display a whole new look without it needing a lot of work or additional investment.

Tensioned cable display systems are an advertising tool that can grow with your business. If you expand your premises, then there is no need to start again from scratch with your display systems. Instead, you can simply add to your existing cable display system with cable kits, POS holders and all the necessary and easily available fixings.

Used effectively, a cable display system will work hard to promote your business, efficiently conveying information to potential customers and increasing the traffic inside your premises.