Brochures and promotional leaflets are highly effective marketing tools. They encourage passers-by to enter your premises or at least consider returning on another day.

They allow you to present a lot of information in an attractive format that customers can take away to browse at their leisure. It is important to present these brochures in an appealing fashion to encourage customers to take one. Brochure holders are ideal for storing promotional leaflets in a way that keeps them tidy and avoids wear and tear. Placing these in strategic locations can increase the number of brochures taken and improve the reach of your promotion.

Where to place brochure holders and which sort of brochure holder to use will depend very much on the type and size of your premises, as well as the number of brochures you wish to display. Assigns has a large range of brochure holders that you can purchase in several different sizes, with options suitable for all locations at your premises.

Displaying brochures near the entrance to your premises has many advantages. They can introduce your customers to your business and products as they enter. Potential customers may easily see them from outside, so even someone not planning to enter may take one, encouraging them to return later. Using free-standing brochure stands will immediately grab your customer’s attention and allow you to easily display multiple brochures if required. Brochure stands near doorways might also encourage customers to take one as they leave the premises, increasing the likelihood of a return visit.

You can place countertop brochure holders on surfaces and display tables throughout your premises, allowing customers to take one as they move around the store. They can be particularly effective if you place them at the payment counter, as staff can present them to customers with their purchases. Placed in a bag, they are convenient for customers to take away and will help attract return visits.

Brochure holders are a valuable marketing tool even if space is limited. Wall-mounted brochure holders take up minimal space while making the brochures freely available. When fixing these, it is important to place them at a height where customers will easily see them, as well as in a place where they can take the brochures easily without the need to reach over obstacles or stoop. Using tiered brochure holders will allow you to display several different brochures on the wall.

The right areas to display brochures can change if your store layout alters or if you need to promote in different areas. However, a layout change does not need to mean spending money on additional marketing tools. Many brochure holders are portable, allowing you to move them around the store as necessary, bringing a fresh look to the premises at no additional cost.

The portable nature of brochure holders also allows you to remove them from the premises. Taking promotional materials to trade fairs and shows is an effective way to raise awareness of your business. Using brochure holders and stands as part of your retail display system will attract interest, raising your profile and bringing increased customers your way.