We’re all told as children not to judge a book by its cover and yet every book publisher knows that most of us fail to adhere to that maxim. That’s why they put a great deal of effort into creating “gaze magnets” – cover designs that pull our attention toward them and make us want to lift that tome off the shelf and start exploring what’s inside.

The same applies to storefront displays. Taking care and pride over how you display your products or services can make the difference between getting those potential customers off the pavement and into your shop or restaurant and letting them slip by. First impressions definitely count, and carefully chosen retail display systems can make your products look great.


Heighten your kerb appeal

There are some simple ways to attract people to explore what you’re offering inside your store – increase the kerb appeal. If your storefront has dirty windows and peeling paint, individuals are more likely to walk by without a second glance. Keeping on top of basic maintenance tasks is essential (cleaning windows and sweeping along the storefront should be daily tasks), but there’s more to kerb appeal. Grab attention with stylish kerbside retail display systems, such as pavement signs, A-boards and chalkboards.

Keep it simple

Think of your storefront as your book cover. If it’s crammed with too much stuff it’ll repel, not attract. Uncluttered, stylish display windows are far more likely to entice people inside. Try using “the rule of three”: display items in a set of three and arrange them by height (short, medium, tall). That way, you’ll keep shoppers’ eyes moving because they’re seeing an asymmetrical pattern (symmetrical displays tend to stop eye movement dead in its tracks). However, don’t put all your best eggs in that storefront display basket because you want people to come in to see what else you have on offer.