Any retailer knows how important the January sales are in terms of boosting turnover following the frenzied period of Christmas shopping, after which many people would rather curl up in front of the fire with some good food and a drink or two instead of heading out for some more retail therapy.

Let’s face it — shopping is not everyone’s favourite form of relaxation, but there are plenty of people more than happy to go out and look for some amazing bargains. When the January sales kick in, that’s where the smart operators get innovative with their displays.

Encouraging footfall

The first and most essential tip is to attract shoppers through the doors. There’s a lot of competition out there, not least from online retailing, so stores need to be aware of the best ways to not only to draw people in but to increase sales conversion rates while customers are inside.

The art of retail is to get products noticed on the shop floor once you have enticed buyers to come in. Much has been written about a store’s layout determining how customers shop. For example, a department store will often put the children’s department on the top floor so customers looking for kids’ clothes have to go through other department sections. The rationale behind this is that they will buy more as they walk past the displays and offers.

The same goes for some food retailers that may put essentials, such as milk and eggs, at the back of the store so customers have to pass by other merchandise to get to them.

Tricks of the trade

Retailers need to create an atmosphere in the store, so poor lighting and stripped-down facilities will make the spaces feel more like a warehouse than a comfortable place to shop.

This is where quality displays and signage are key to drawing the eye and offering information in simple but effective ways to encourage customers to move around the store. At Assigns, we provide a wide range of products to enhance any store’s special offers. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of display systems, including poster frames, pavement signs, point-of-sale display frames, LED systems and other useful products, such as brochure holders and LCD digital displays. These systems are utilised to grab shoppers’ attention, hold it, and point customers in the right direction.

By showcasing your products and special offers — especially at January sales time — you can target customers wanting to exploit special deals. Couple this with excellent customer service and you have the opportunity to persuade people to buy more than they otherwise might have.

Retailers should always avoid having any dark areas in-store. LED light boxes are the perfect solution to brighten up those areas or highlight a special promotion.

Those businesses that really pull out the stops for the January sales are likely to see the benefit of increased footfall, fuller shopping baskets and trolleys, and ringing tills surrounded by happy customers.