Brochures and other leaflets are a valuable marketing tool for many kinds of businesses, allowing customers to browse products and services at their leisure and encouraging them to make a return visit to your premises.

Usually designed from paper, brochures are flimsy, and it can be hard to keep them looking tidy. A pile of brochures on a countertop or display table will quickly end up torn or scattered, meaning that few customers will be interested in taking one. Using brochure stands can help you avoid this, as they keep your promotional materials in good condition and ensure that they appeal to your customers.

Brochure stands and holders are an affordable merchandising tool. Here at Assigns, we make these stands from strong materials such as steel and acrylic, so while the brochures on display may often change, the devices holding them last for a long time. By keeping your brochures in good order, you will have less wastage, wear and tear, resulting in considerable savings and more brochures going into the hands of customers. Brochure stands and holders are essential for promoting many businesses and services, from travel agents to tourist attractions to store promotions.

These holders and stands come in a variety of designs and sizes, and choosing the right one for your needs depends on several factors, such as where you wish to display the brochures, the number of different brochures that you have and the size of your premises. Regardless of these factors, it is essential to choose a well-made brochure stand that conveys an organised, professional appearance to your customers.

Floor-standing brochure holders are ideal for displaying different types of brochures without taking up too much space. Many brochure stands fall into this category, and with the choice of double-sided holders, you can increase the number of brochures that you display even further. An attractive feature, floor-standing holders add an extra appeal both to the items on display and the overall premises. Business owners can move them around as necessary, allowing for the display of brochures wherever they are most relevant.

Countertop or wall-mounted brochure holders also take up very little space, and a tiered model is still suitable for displaying various brochures. Placing stands on a countertop allows customers to see your brochures as they buy their products. This makes it easy for staff to encourage them to take one and increases the likelihood of their returning to your business.

Selecting well-made brochure stands and holders is the first step in creating an effective brochure display, but some maintenance to your display is necessary to ensure ongoing results. When you change your brochures, customers have something new to discover every time that they visit your premises. Removed brochures may leave the display looking untidy or empty, so make sure that your staff are aware of this and take opportunities to rearrange and restock the brochure stands and holders as necessary. With this light maintenance, your brochure stands and holders will continue to be a worthwhile merchandising tool.