What Is A LightBox?

A lightbox makes use of LED or fluorescent lighting to help to maximise the exposure of company branding and/or messages by way of literally lighting up an advertisement through the night and day. It’s eye catching and gets noticed considerably more than generic posters or flyers, so can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to promoting your business.

What Are The Benefits?

Stand Out From The Crowd.
Lightboxes allow you to take centre stage, and when they’re paired with generic posters or promotional boxes, will always come up trumps. They’ll ensure your promotion is noticed way before your competitors. When placed in appropriate places, it can become an effective way of drawing in new customers, particularly if you are displaying something unique or some kind of an offer.

Improve The Customer Journey.
Why direct customers to your business or a location in your business by boring old signs? Make the journey fun, interesting and memorable for them with lightboxes full off messages or instructions!

Be Seen In The Day And At Night.
One of the main benefits of course is that there is consistent lighting in the day and the night. Like bugs to a lantern, potential customers will gravitate towards the light in the dark, allowing your message to stick in their mind when they’re running for a bus or on a night out.

Possibility Of Going Viral.
In this day an age, everything is susceptible from ‘going viral’, from a dancer in a street, a funny pet or even a witty, informative or funny advertisement. One big example of this is a-boards, which we actually wrote about (POST LINK TO TOP 5 A BOARD POST), but there’s always a chance that a lightbox will be received just aswell depending on your voice, tone or messaging.

Easily Change Messages Without Having To Dispose Of Anything.
Lightboxes are ideal for shops, nightclubs or events that have to continually change their messages depending on seasons or sales and offers. While the message inside needs changing, the investment of a lightbox is a sound one and won’t need replacing everytime your message does!

Examples Of Effective Lightboxes At Urban Outfitters
Source – Urban Outfitters

Which One Should I Choose?

Choosing a lightbox needn’t be tricky, you just need to write a list of your requirements to decipher which style is best for you. You need to think about the size of the message you’re communicating. There’s no use for a lightbox to promote a tiny image or tagline, and that’s another benefit of lightboxes, you can go BIG. A benefit of the lightboxes is that they can be customised in both size as well as the finish on the front, so if brushed silver would match your branding better, it’s definitely a possibility to have the lightbox reflect this. You can also get curved lightboxes, which are ideal for promotion in the streets, it will hit all angles of eyes walking towards the graphics, rather than being flat and missing out on exposure due to the placement or the way it’s facing.

Best Lightboxes For Your Business At Assigns

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