Floor stands are a highly versatile marketing tool that can do a great deal to benefit your advertising strategies.

Some floor stands, including various models available through Assigns, are known as menu stands due to their use for displaying menus in restaurants and cafes. While they are certainly effective when used for this purpose, their benefits can extend beyond eating establishments. Countless other businesses, from estate agents to museums, can also gain advantages from using floor stands in their retail display systems.

A well-made floor stand is a sturdy piece of equipment that will prove to be a long-lasting investment. With its easy-to-open frame, you can quickly insert the information or promotion materials that you need to display. The frame will keep the poster fresh and undamaged, ensuring that it remains easy to read and visually appealing. Whether you are displaying menus, brochures or posters, you can be certain that they always look their best when using a floor stand.

Floor stands are a portable advertising tool, allowing you to place them wherever they are most relevant. As they display information at eye-height, they instantly command attention. You can place them near a display to provide promotional material on your products. Another popular place for floor stands is a store entrance, where they can attract the attention of passers-by as well as customers who are just arriving. They can display information on events and products or show the layout of a large store to guide customers around.

Queuing areas are places where customers may have little else to do. By displaying eye-catching promotions in floor stands, you can take advantage of this time to add some extra advertising into your point-of-sale systems. The portable nature of floor stands means that they are also a useful advertising tool to take off-premises. Exhibitions and trade fairs are ideal places to display promotional materials, and the use of a floor stand is one way to increase your reach.

A common problem in marketing displays is that information can quickly become old. If a message stays the same each time that a customer passes or enters a retail establishment, then he or she will soon stop taking notice. Keeping promotions fresh is a major factor in their success, but updating advertising displays frequently can be expensive. Floor stands are a cost-effective tool, which makes it easy to update advertising materials while staying within your budget. By protecting this information, you can take advantage of inexpensive materials to print posters and leaflets. You can insert them into a floor stand to bring an instantly new look to the display. Move them to different locations in the store to vary the appearance of the premises and increase the size of your audience.

Floor stands come in different shapes and sizes, and the option of modular floor stands allow you to display more than one type of promotional material without taking up additional space. Your attractive display will not only enhance the appearance of your advertising materials but also bring a professional, well-organised appearance to the entire premises.