Sight is the dominant sense, so visually appealing retail display systems are vital because they are the first impression potential customers have when they enter a shop. Signage is a key component of retail display, and well-designed signs play an important role in increasing customer interest in your store and the products on offer.

Display signs convey information about your business, products and services. They can be regularly changed to draw attention to a special event, a new range or a sale, thereby tempting new customers into a retail outlet.

Deciding where to place your signage is important. On the exterior of premises, it is used to catch the eye of passers-by inviting them to step inside. Pavement boards, A-boards, forecourt signs and window displays are strategic eye-catching signs to interest customers. Once in the store, good signage draws the attention of customers to particular products on sale and special offers. Many customers enter a shop knowing precisely what they want to purchase, however, a significant proportion of purchases are impulse buys. That is why it is so important to use prominent signage on retail displays that draw customers to view new stock, bargains and special promotions. At a subtle level, the style of the signage you display can also create a unique look for your store that is instantly recognisable.

You will be amazed by the vast array of materials, styles and colours available when browsing Assigns’ range of retail display systems and products, so it’s worth considering the style image you want to convey. Your signage must appeal to your target customer base, and should create a picture in their minds of what your business will be like before they set foot in the premises. For example, the signage for a traditional country café should have a rustic appearance, with wooden signs likely to be the most appropriate, while a toy shop requires bright, bold signs, so even if the small customers are not yet able to read, they form the immediate impression that it will be a fun place to visit. Also, consider the use of LCD digital displays that effectively enhance the way in which you highlight your special offers and merchandise.

Signs on the exterior of your premises, or in the shop window, are some of the hardest working advertising tools, helping to increase customer interest 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Even if passers-by do not immediately visit the premises or they read the signs outside business hours, they should intrigue and attract them, encouraging them to visit on another occasion.

With exterior signs, it is important they promote a positive image of your business. No one will remember a dull, generic sign, but a vibrant, unusual design can make your business stand out from all the others in the area. Also, consider the use of lighting in these signs. LED or neon signs will stand out from the crowd and are particularly valuable for increasing customer interest after dark.

Signage is one of the most valuable marketing methods for increasing customer interest. It is also a highly cost-effective tool, as once displayed, it continues to promote interest in your business, even when the outlet is closed, without any further action being necessary on your part.