An effective retail store design is one of the most useful marketing tools. It will draw customers into the store and provide them with a positive shopping experience, maximising the possibility that those customers return time and time again.

As with every market or industry, there are trends that go in and out of fashion regarding the style of merchandising systems. When designing a new retail display system, it can be easy to fall into the trap of simply following the trend.

However, following the trend will not help your premises stand out from the crowd and may leave the impression of copying others. Nor will it convey any genuine information about your business, leaving you with a missed opportunity to tell the world who you are.

This is not to say that new trends should never be considered. New ideas are always exciting, but the elements of the trend should be carefully contemplated to ensure they add to your current image. Your customers should find the new design exciting but still authentic, consistent with the brand they already love.

Appeal to all the senses

A good merchandising system will appeal to all the senses — this is what sets physical stores apart from online retailers. Everyone is familiar with the convenience of online shopping, but real-life shops are still crowded by people who want the full physical experience of handling products before they buy. The more customers identify with a brand, the more likely they are to keep shopping there and to recommend it to others. A very corporate image has nothing to set it apart from competitors, but a merchandising design which genuinely conveys the authentic character of your business is a valuable tool to attract and retain customers.

Creating an authentic retail design need not be expensive. Something as simple as the colours and textures used in the design can do a great deal to convey the image you want. The bright colours and funky design suitable for a toy store will convey the fun-loving character of the business, while the muted colours and thick carpets of a jewellers tells the story of a company which appreciates well designed, valuable products.

A good window display will draw consumers in, but if it does not reflect the true character of the business, customers may leave feeling disappointed. Whether your products are luxury, bargain, traditional or cutting edge, the window display is a vital opportunity to convey that. Inside, use lighting and signage to draw attention to elements which are particularly important to the unique character of your company.

How to add authenticity

When top retail design component companies such as Peerless start work on a new merchandising system, we consider the history and ethos of the company to find ways to best convey the character of the business. The layout of the store, combined with the different lights, colours and materials, builds a connection between the company and its consumers. Every business is unique, so do not let your retail display systems be the same. Peerless are always ready to rise to the challenge of helping create those merchandising systems which best reflect you.