Social Distancing Products For Enhanced Safety

To help protect your staff and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now producing a range of display products to allow you to promote social distancing and control queuing and in-store footfall.

Protective Sneeze Screens for use at retail checkouts, Floor Stickers to aid social distancing, Forecourt Signs to display guidance and information, and Queue Management Systems to manage customers are all key products in creating a safe environment both in-store and when waiting to enter.

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Sneeze Screens

Due to high demand, we are now able to manufacture perspex Sneeze Screens to meet your specific requirement.

These types of protection screens are being increasingly used to protect both staff and customers at retail checkouts by reducing the risk of being exposed to infection from coughing or sneezing. The screens can be managed to whatever dimensions you required, with messaging or branding added if required. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Ideal for keeping customers and staff a safe distance apart when queuing or managing footfall in store.

Printed on 150mic One Piece Floor Vinyl with an R10 Slip Rating, all of our floor vinyls have a high quality ‘permanent/removable’ adhesive which means they have a very solid and long lasting grip once stuck down but can, ultimately, be removed from the floor without causing lasting damage.

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Adjustable Face Visors

Now available, our fully-compliant CE Certified Face Visors help support your personal protective equipment (PPE) needs.

Manufactured to comply with Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical devices (MDD), as well as Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment (PPE), these are just £2.95 each + VAT for a minimum order of 100 units. Orders for 1,000-5,000 units are £2.75 each + VAT, while orders for 5,000+ are £2.55 each + VAT.

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Queue Management Systems

It’s more important than ever for retail outlets, pharmacies, hospitality venues and transport hubs to control their queuing systems and encourage social distancing

Our range of Queue Management products can help mark out the distance that customers should maintain, organise queues both instore and outside, as well as provide signage and guidance on keeping a safe distance. We are an authorised Channel Partner for Tensator® products. Invented in the 1970s, the Tensabarrier® system is trusted by the world’s leading transport hubs and retailers. Order your industry leading queue management system at a very competitive price today.


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Forecourt Signs

Forecourt Signs are an excellent solution for displaying important information messages, allowing you to clearly display social distancing measures to help keep your customers and visitors safe.

Our Stormforce Forecourt Signs are the flagship products of Peerless-Assigns. They are tough, robust and simple to assemble, with heavy water-filled bases to protect against theft and the forces of nature. Our Stormforce signs come with front opening snap frames or magnetic closure systems, making changing posters quick and easy.

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